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Focus on creating real and deep learning through thought-provoking and engaging meeting of hearts and minds through story-driven dilemmas, where you decide together.

A digital tool that put people at the centre of learning in the classroom.


Guiding principles

Imagine a digital tool that enable more active classroom learning

All students take part, share views and collaborate through discussions and choices

Easy to make new courses, quick for teachers to use and runs smoothly in class


Building blocks

Active Involvement

Everyone gets their say, and what you decide together makes a difference.

Collaborative learning

Discuss and reflect with your peers, and guided by the teacher.


Wrap it in a narrative that provides context, relevance and immersion.

Problem-based learning

Your learning evolves around concrete challenges and problems.

We see the world through dilemmas rather than quizzes.

We see an untapped potential in dilemma learning and dilemma games, where you can explore the complexity of topics and subjects in a deeper and more interesting way.

Quiz-based learningDilemma-based-learning (DIBL)
Remember & ChooseReflect & Decide
One truthMultiple truths
Assessment firstLearning first