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DiBL is a learning and game platform, where you can create cases, scenarios, dilemmas, micro-simulations, roleplaying and workshops that is instantly available

Put people at the center of digital learning in the classroom, and empowers facilitators to involve participants.

In DiBL the facilitator runs the experience, and participants actively take part throughout.

Real-time interaction

Include and activate all participants in a class.

Branching experience

Different branches for consequences, feedback and endings.

Collaborate as teams

Learn and play together in teams with different roles.

What is DiBL?

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With DiBL we want to put people at the center of digital learning in the classroom.

By employing DiBL, you can leverage the distinctive environment of the classroom. Here facilitators take the lead in shaping the experience while fostering peer learning.

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The system is highly flexible. With our visual DiBL creator – you can create, publish, share and use it – all within 1/2 an hour.

Dilemma-based learning

Empower Facilitators to Involve Participants

DiBL provides a lot of benefits that would otherwise only be found in custom high-end digital solutions.


Include and activate all participants in a class through their own devices, where they actively vote throughout.

Shift focus

Seamlessly shift focus between plenary, group, and individual focus to create variety, and depending on educational needs.

Quickly create

Quickly create, distribute, and update materials by just using a simple and intuitive web creator.

21st Century skills

Build-in critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration and communication 

Just facilitate

Easy and fast for facilitators to start. No onboarding or preparation needed. Just push the start button.

Online security

Privacy by design is build in, participants are anonymous for a safe experience, and we are GDPR compliant.


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Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen


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