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About us

DiBL is a spin-out from Serious Games Interactive that is build by a team with +15 years experience in building learning and games.

We have put all our experience and knowledge into DiBL, and also offer you insights and sparring on how get the best out of this unique didactical approach.

Our full-service team is located in Denmark, and we have partners around the world that we can involve if relevant when working on larger projects.

Management team


Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen

Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen, holding a Master’s degree in Psychology and a PhD, combines nearly two decades of research, practical experience, and theoretical knowledge.

In 2005, he established Serious Games Interactive with the aim of pushing boundaries in the development of digital serious games. Now, with DiBL, he is venturing into blended learning, infused with game elements.

Simon’s primary focus lies in leveraging the extensive expertise gained from over 200 projects encompassing learning and games, and incorporating it into DiBL to empower individuals to create more engaging and involving learning experiences. Additionally, he utilizes his vast experience to introduce people to the potential of DiBL and guide them on its effective utilization.

Simon is an accomplished author of several internationally recognized books on the subject, a keynote speaker at industry events, and has played a significant role in the creation of over 20 award-winning learning game productions.

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